More options for Pinner Park Farm

Harrow Council are consulting on the future of Pinner Park Farm.

You can see their proposals here

We are a collection of residents who would like to see more options considered and the consultation process opened up and extended to give time for alternative proposals to be developed.

We are building this website to keep residents informed and connected - please check back here for more updates soon.

*** Sign the petition NOW ***

We have created an online petition, which will be presented to Harrow Council to show the views of the community. Our target is to get over 2,000 signatures by the time the consultation ends on 22nd July 2014, so please sign the petition now and share the link with your friends.

You can join in the discussion on:

We are asking everyone concerned to write to their MP and Councillors to ask that Harrow Council considers more options for Pinner Park Farm. You can find your local Councillors' contact details on the council's website, or write to your MP.


Page updated 11/07/2014